Patriot Seeds Heirloom Spacemaster Cucumber Seeds (3g)

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Heirloom Spacemaster Cucumber Seeds

The Spacemaster Cucumber, fittingly named for its compact growth habit, is an excellent choice for home gardens.

Patriot Seeds offers 100% heirloom, non-GMO, and open-pollinated seeds of this prolific variety, ensuring an abundant harvest from minimal space.

Sealed in military-grade Mylar bags, these seeds can be safely stored for over five years, ready for you to start your journey towards food autonomy with Patriot Seeds.

Planting Guide

For successful growth of your Spacemaster Cucumber:

  • This variety thrives in full sunlight and warm temperatures.
  • Seeds should be directly sown, as cucumbers don't tolerate transplanting well.
  • Plant seeds 1/2" deep and 3" apart in groupings of 4 to 6 plants per hill, spacing hills 3 to 4' apart.
  • When the seedlings reach 1-2" tall, thin them down to three per hill.
  • Protect seedlings from any frost and mulch around the plants to control weeds and conserve moisture.

Harvesting Guide

To optimize your Spacemaster Cucumber yield:

  • Harvest your cucumbers when they're 6-8" long if you're using them for slicing.
  • For pickling, pick the cucumbers when they're 3-5" long.
  • Cucumbers are most tender and flavorful when harvested young before their seeds fully mature.
  • Always cut the fruit from the vine to prevent damage to the plant.

Take steps toward food independence with Spacemaster Cucumbers from Patriot Seeds!