HeirloomParris Island Cos - Romaine Lettuce Seeds (1g)

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Parris Island Cos - Romaine Lettuce (1g) Description:
Romaine - Parris Island Cos Lettuce is a hardy plant that grows well in many regions. Grow this lettuce variety in your garden for fresh greens all summer long. Patriot Seeds Lettuce Seeds are 100% heirloom seeds and open-pollinated. That means you can grow, harvest, and replant your lettuce crop endlessly and store any unused seeds in their resealable heavy-duty package for 5+ years. 

Lettuce: Romaine - Parris Island Cos Planting Instructions:
Romaine - Parris Island Cos Lettuce can be planted in fall or spring. Direct sow 8 to 12" apart and 1/8" below the surface of the soil. The rows should be 12 to 18" apart. Make sure the plants are watered well during dry periods. If rainfall isn't regular, water plants deeply at least once a week or more frequently during times of drought. Because lettuce is shallow-rooted, it is important to avoid disturbing the soil around the plants when you are weeding. Mulch the plants with a layer of compost or straw to help keep moisture in the soil. The plants do best in full sun. Grow time is 85 days.

Lettuce: Romaine - Parris Island Cos Harvesting Instructions:
Harvest the lettuce early rather than late for the best flavor. If lettuce is allowed to grow for too long, it becomes bitter and tough. It is best to harvest in the morning or the evening. At these times, the leaves are crisp, sweet, and full of moisture. Lettuce can be stored for 5 to 7 days in the refrigerator in a plastic bag.

Did You Know This About Romaine - Parris Island Cos Lettuce?
Romaine - Parris Island Cos Lettuce is named after Parris Island, South Carolina. The island has less-than-ideal conditions for lettuce cultivation, so this type of romaine lettuce is known for its hardiness and ability to grow in almost any climate.