Progress No. 9 Pea Seeds (12g)

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Progress No. 9 is a hardy, wilt-resistant pea variety that can provide a bountiful harvest in your garden. Peas are a great source of plant-based protein and can be eaten fresh, dried or frozen for long-term storage. Grow Peas such as Progress No. 9 in your garden using seeds from Patriot Seeds and declare your food independence. Our pea seeds are 100% heirloom. You can store the unused seeds for 5+ years in their heavy-duty packages.

Peas: Progress No. 9 Planting Instructions:
Pea plants prefer cool weather and partial sun. Temperatures should be between 60 and 75 degrees, but the growing season may be extended if you use shade cloth or frost fabrics to protect the plants. Soak seeds to before planting to help prevent disease and to assist germination. Sow about 25 pea seeds every foot in a 3" wide row. Plant in two rows spaced 8 to 12" apart. The plants will do best in soil with plenty of added matter and a pH of 5.5 to 6.8. Water moderately until the plants bloom, then lower the rate of watering. Progress #9 is resistant to wilting and its dwarf vines do not require staking. Grow time is 65 days.

Peas: Progress No. 9 Harvesting Instructions:
Generally, peas are ready for harvest 3 weeks after the pea blossom appears, before peas are fully developed in the pods. Harvesting pea pods regularly extends the plant's production.

Did You Know This About Progress No. 9 Peas?
This pea variety was originally called "Laxton's Progress No. 9" after Thomas Laxton. Laxton was a plant breeder who worked with Charles Darwin and experimented on peas.