Jalapeno Hot Pepper Seeds (250mg)

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Jalapeno Hot Pepper (250mg) Description:
Jalapenos are a favorite pepper for adding a little heat to many dishes. Grow your own jalapenos using pepper seeds from Patriot Seeds. Our seeds are 100% heirloom, Non-GMO, and open-pollinated, so you can grow, harvest, and replant your jalapeno crop endlessly. Jalapenos can be enjoyed fresh, or dried or frozen for long-term storage. This hardy plant is friendly to most growing regions. When you're ready to declare your food independence, buy Patriot Seeds!

Pepper: Hot - Jalapeno Planting Instructions:
In all regions excluding the Deep South, start jalapeno plants indoors about 8 to 10 weeks before transplanting. They can be transplanted 2 to 3 weeks after the last frost. After 10 to 21 days, seedlings should emerge. Make sure the seedlings get plenty of light from the sun or by using florescent lights for 16 hours per day. Before transplanting to the garden, harden the young plants by moving them to a sheltered location outside for a week. Then, transplant to a location that gets full sun. Set plants 18" apart in rows spaced 2 to 3" apart. Make sure weeds are kept under control and plants are well-watered. Grow time is 75 days.

Pepper: Hot - Jalapeno Harvesting Instructions:
Peppers are usually harvested at an immature stage, when they are smooth and green. As they mature, jalapenos begin to turn red. Hot peppers may be harvested at any stage, however. To harvest, cut the pepper from the plant with a sharp knife of pruning shears. Leave a small part of the stem attached. To dry the peppers, pierce the stem with a needle and heavy thread, stringing mature peppers together. Hang in a warm, shaded place to dry.

Did You Know This About Jalapeno Peppers?
Jalapenos traveled on a NASA shuttle, making them the first pepper to travel to space!