Organic Culinary Herb Garden Seed Kit (8 packets inside)

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The Patriot Seeds Organic Culinary Herb Garden A collection of 8 herb seed varieties that will take the flavor of your home cooking to a new level. The varieties in this chef’s-favorite garden were selected for their popularity in a wide variety of dishes and culinary styles.

Now home cooks can indulge in homegrown Genovese Basil and whip up a fresh batch of pesto. This garden also includes savory herbs like Sage, Thyme and Oregano, which are perfect for seasoning everything from meats to pizza. With all the varieties in this garden, your culinary creations are only limited by your imagination.

Adding fresh basil and oregano will brighten any pizza sauce.

The Organic Culinary Herb Garden contains only the highest quality heirloom herb seeds. These culinary herb seeds are organic, 100% Non-GMO and open-pollinated. Then, they’re placed in re-sealable triple layer Mylar packets. This packaging allows for longer storage than is typically possible with common herb seeds.

As with all of Patriot Seeds™, the Medicinal Herb Garden seeds are all

100% heirloom. No hybrids or GMOs.

The Culinary Herb Garden Includes:

  • 8 different varieties of easy-to-grow culinary herbs – Now Organic!
  • Resealable, individually-sealed triple-layer Mylar seed packets.
  • Herb seeds are open pollinated and can be grown, harvested, and replanted endlessly.
  • Seeds will store 5+ years at optimal temperatures.
  • Varieties selected are zone-friendly to many areas.
Gather leafy stems into a "bouquet" and hang them in a dry, well-ventilated area. You may cover them with a paper bag with slits cut into it, in order to keep the bouquets dust-free and the air circulating.

Seed varieties in the The Culinary Herb Garden:

English Thyme
250mg / approx. 1000 seeds
400mg / approx. 50 seeds
Single-Leaf Parsley
500mg / approx. 250 seeds
Italian Oregano
250mg / approx. 250 seeds
Leisure Coriander Cilantro
500mg / approx. 60 seeds
Standard Chives
500mg / approx. 500 seeds
Genovese Basil
500mg / approx. 275 seeds
Dill Mammoth
500mg / approx. 225 seeds

More people live in cities than ever before. Rather than depend on others for resources like food, many have turned to urban gardening as a self-sustaining key to independence. Each seed variety in the Urban Garden Kit was hand-selected for easy growing. You get 12 vegetable and herb seed varieties – designed to be hardy even in the city.

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