Cascadia Pea Seeds (14g)

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Peas: Cascadia (14g) Description:
Peas are flavorful and high in protein. Grow this garden staple using non-GMO seeds from Patriot Seeds. You can serve some of your Cascadia Pea harvest as a side dish or use the peas in a variety of dishes. Patriot Seeds are 100% heirloom and can be stored in their heavy-duty packages for 5+ years, ensuring that you are always ready to grow fresh produce. When you're ready to declare your food independence, buy Patriot Seeds.

Peas: Cascadia Planting Instructions:
To accelerate germination, soak the seeds before planting them. Plant seeds once hard frost has passed, as early as the soil can be worked. Sow peas 1/2 inch deep. Keep the soil cool and moist. Space your Cascadia Pea plants about 4" apart. The plants will vine out and grow about 5'. Use a trellis or supports to prop up new growth.

Peas: Cascadia Harvesting Instructions:
For optimal flavor, snap off pea pods at 3" long. Encourage the plant to grow more pods by continual harvesting. To dry peas for storage, let the pods and peas dry partially on the vine. Pull the plant from the ground and hang upside down in a well-ventilated area until the pods and peas are completely dry. Alternatively, you can freeze peas for storage.

Did You Know This About Cascadia Peas?
The Cascadia Pea is a dwarf Snow Pea that was bred by Oregon State University. Although this variety is relatively new, peas have a long, royal history. In the 7th Century, Charlemagne grew peas in all of his gardens. Later, peas were considered a luxury item during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.