California White Kidney Beans (28g)

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California White Kidney Beans (28g) Description:
The California White Kidney Bean seeds from Patriot Seeds is not your average white kidney bean. They are deliciously nutritious. Each package of seeds is re-sealable, and can be stored for 5+ years. These beans only take about 75 days to sprout, and can be stored for long-time storage after harvest. This bean is a staple for your pantry, and a hearty addition to any meal. Declare your food independence, buy California White Kidney Bean seeds from Patriot Seeds.

California White Kidney Beans Planting Instructions:
After last frost, sow seeds directly into the garden soil about 2" apart, 1" deep, in rows 20-36" apart. The seeds require full sun so they should be planted when daytime soil temperatures average at least 60 F, or risk poor germination. For a continuous supply make successive sowings every 2-3 weeks through midsummer.

California White Kidney Beans Harvesting Instructions:
After most of leaves have fallen and pods are dry, pull plants out by the roots. Dry in a covered, airy place. Shell the beans individually, holding by the roots and beating inside a barrel or trash can. Make sure beans are dry and then store in a cool, dry place. Freeze dry beans to control storage insect pests.

Did You Know This About California White Kidney Beans?
White kidney beans are often compared to Cannelli beans. The difference between them is that the Cannelli bean is more oblong in shape, while white kidney beans are shaped like a kidney.