California Light Red Kidney Beans (28g)

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California Light Red Kidney Beans (28g) Description:
In an emergency, you will want the ability to grow foods that provide dense nutrition and can be prepared in a variety of dishes. California Light Red Kidney Beans are a great seed variety to have on hand. These seeds are Non-GMO and can be stored for 5+ years. Declare your food independence by storing these hardy seeds and producing your own kidney bean crop.

California Light Red Kidney Bean Planting Instructions:
California Light Red Kidney Beans prefer full sun. After the last frost of the season, plant the seeds right in your garden at 1" deep and 2' apart. Sow the seeds in rows 20-36" apart. It is best to plant the seeds when the soil temperature during the day averages at least 60 F, or else germination can suffer. For a continuous supply of beans, re-sow seeds every 2-3 weeks through midsummer.

California Light Red Kidney Bean Harvesting Instructions:
Your beans are ready to harvest when most of the leaves have dropped and the pods are dry. Pull the plants out by the roots. Dry your means in a covered, well-ventilated place. To thresh the seeds by shelling them individually, hold the plants by the roots and beat them inside a barrel or trash can. Dry the beans and store them in a cool, dry place. To control insects and pests, freeze the dry beans.

Did You Know This About California Light Red Kidney Beans?
Dry beans can be soaked before cooking. Not only does this step make the beans easier to cook, they are also easier to digest. Soak beans in a covered container for eight hours or overnight, preferably in the refrigerator.