Black Beauty Summer Squash Seeds (4g)

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Black Beauty Summer Squash Seeds (4g) Description:

Black Beauty Squash will produce an abundance of plants throughout the summer. You can use the produce for a variety of dishes, salads, or baked goods. You can even make zucchini noodles using this beautifully-hued plant. Grow your own Squash using Black Beauty Squash seeds from Patriot Seeds. Our seeds are 100% heirloom, Non-GMO. You can store seeds for 5+ years and replant your Black Beauty Squash crop for years to come. When you're ready to declare your food independence, buy Patriot Seeds!

Black Beauty Summer Squash Planting Instructions:
Black Beauty Squash does best in full sun. Plant 2 weeks after the last frost, when the soil has warmed to around 70 F. Sow the seeds 1/2 inch to 1" deep in hills 3 to 4 feet apart. Sow 4 or 5 seeds per hill. Once your plants reach 2 to 3" tall, thin them to 2 to 3 plants per hill. If sowing in rows, space the rows 4 to 5' apart and the seeds 4" apart. Thin to one plant every 12 to 24". Grow time is about 70 days.

Squash: Summer - Black Beauty Harvesting Instructions:
Around 50 days after germination, zucchini will start to produce. Start harvesting the squash when they are immature and begin checking on them as soon as the plant starts to bloom. Some of the squash may be ready to harvest just a few days after the plant blooms. Check the garden every day or two after that, as once the plant starts producing, it will continue steadily throughout the growing season. Harvesting squash from the plant encourages it to produce more.

Did You Know This About Black Beauty Squash?
Black Beauty Zucchini gets its name from its very dark-almost black-green skin and contrasting white flesh.