Organic Bean Salad Mix Sprouting Seeds (4 ounces)

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A Powerful High-Protein Mix 

This salad mix gives you four types of bean sprouts:

1. Adzuki

2. Mung bean

3. Green lentil

4. Radish sprouts. 

Eating these sprouts will give you a quick and sustainable protein source to strengthen your body under adverse circumstances. They’re also a natural source of antioxidants, which may help your body repair damaged cells. And the fiber content may gently cleanse your digestive tract and promote regularity.

Add these sprouts to your favorite dishes. They’re especially delicious with lemon juice!


FACTS about our 5 Bean Salad Mix Sprouting Seeds:

  • Prime quality
  • High germination
  • Specially selected
  • Certified 100% USDA Organic
  • Certified UDAF
  • Non-GMO
  • Safety tested for microbes
  • Grown by US farmers who have not used any chemicals on their land for over ten years.
  • Four ounces per pack

Comes in a handy re-sealable pouch.