Heirloom Oregon Sugar Pod #2 Pea Seeds (28.375g)

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Oregon Sugar Pod #2 Pea Seeds 

An all-rounder in the garden, these peas give you abundant crops of crisp, tender pods that are perfect for fresh eating or cooking.

Picture them:

  • Adding crunch in your salads
  • Bringing a fresh note to your stir-fries
  • Steamed lightly and served as a delicious side dish

Whichever way you choose, these peas will not disappoint.

Why Choose Oregon Sugar Pod #2 Peas?

High-Yield for Saving

High yield means you'll have plenty to share or preserve for the colder months. But the best part? You can grow them right in your backyard! 

Heirloom and Non-GMO

As open-pollinated heirloom seeds, you can plant, harvest, and replant endlessly, making them a smart investment for the dedicated gardener or homesteader. Plus, all Patriot Seeds are 100% non-GMO.

Storage: 5+ Years

Packaged in triple-layer, military-grade Mylar packages, our seeds remain viable for over 5 years. 

Planting Guidelines for Oregon Sugar Pod #2 Pea Seeds

  • When to Plant: Early spring for a spring crop or late summer for a fall harvest.
  • Where to Plant: In full sun exposure and average soil quality.
  • How to Space: 1-inch deep and 2 inches apart, in double rows with a 6-inch gap in between.
  • Care: Use stakes for shorter plants and netting or trellises for taller ones.
  • Grow Time: About 68 days.

Harvesting Guidelines for Oregon Sugar Pod #2 Pea Seeds

Peas are ripe when they are round, green, and shiny. The tastiest peas have a bit of wiggle room in the pod. Be sure to pick the pods before the peas grow too big.

Fun Fact About Oregon Sugar Pod #2 Peas

The Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea gets its name from its birthplace, the Oregon State University campus. A sweet pea variety to enjoy in your own garden!