Patriot Seeds Heirloom Small Sugar Pumpkin Heirloom Seeds (4g)

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Small Sugar Pumpkin Heirloom Seeds (4g)

Enrich your garden with the sweetness of Small Sugar Pumpkins. These delightful additions are the perfect choice for those seeking a versatile harvest, fresh or cured, and store well.

These seeds are 100% heirloom and non-GMO. They can be stored for over 5 years so you can plant them now or in the years to come.

Planting Guide

For a successful harvest of Small Sugar Pumpkins, consider the following steps:

  • Your pumpkins need plenty of sunlight and space to reach their full potential.
  • Once the danger of frost has passed, sow groups of 3 to 6 seeds about 1 inch deep and 4 to 6 feet apart in warm, fertile soil.
  • Seedlings should sprout within 7 to 14 days.
  • When seedlings are 1 to 2 inches tall, reduce them to the 2 to 3 strongest per group.
  • If you're aiming for larger pumpkins, allow only one fruit per plant to mature.

Harvesting Guide

Harvest your Small Sugar Pumpkins with these guidelines:

  • Pumpkins are usually ready about 105 days after planting, signaled by hard, richly orange-colored rinds.
  • If a light frost damages the vines, harvest the pumpkins immediately.
  • Use pruning shears to sever the pumpkins from the vine, leaving about 3 inches of stem attached.
  • Allow the skin to harden in the sun for about a week for optimum results.

Start your journey towards food independence and enjoy the rewards of home gardening with Patriot Seeds today!