Patriot Seeds Heirloom Serrano Hot Pepper Seeds (.5g)

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Serrano Hot Pepper Seeds (.5g)

Embrace the zest of self-reliance with our Serrano Hot Pepper Seeds, a cherished variety for chili and salsa enthusiasts.

Our Serrano Hot Pepper Seeds from Patriot Seeds are 100% heirloom, non-GMO, and packed for freshness in military-grade Mylar®, ensuring a shelf life of over 5 years. These vigorous growers adapt well to various climates, promising a bountiful yield of fiery and flavorful peppers.

Planting Guide

For a successful serrano hot pepper harvest:

  • Serranos prefer the warmth of the summer.
  • Prepare the soil to a depth of 8 inches before planting.
  • Sow the seeds 2 to 4 inches apart in rows 2 feet apart, and cover with 1/4 inch of fine soil.
  • Water gently and maintain ample sunlight.
  • Serranos flourish best in full sun, but will tolerate light shade.

Harvesting Guide

Reap the fiery rewards of your serrano hot peppers:

  • Your peppers will be ready for harvest when they reach about 2 to 3 inches in length, typically 75 to 80 days after planting.
  • Harvest the peppers when they are green or wait until they mature to a vibrant red.

Take a bold step towards food independence with the spicy delight of Serrano Hot Peppers from Patriot Seeds. Grow your own taste of natural spice today!