Patriot Seeds Heirloom New Zealand Spinach Seeds (3g)

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Patriot Seeds Heirloom New Zealand Spinach Seeds (3g)

New Zealand Spinach, although not true spinach, can be used similarly and offers superior resistance to bolting in the summer heat. This variety particularly shines in warm climates.

The plants are robust and large, with small, succulent leaves. Our seeds are 100% heirloom, non-GMO, and can be stored for over 5 years.

Planting Guide

To grow New Zealand Spinach successfully:

  • Choose a location with full sun or light shade and well-drained soil.
  • Plant seeds 1/2 an inch to 1 inch deep, lightly covering with soil.
  • Sow approximately 12 seeds per foot of row, or scatter over a wide row or bed.
  • For successful germination, ensure soil temperature is not above 70°F.
  • Make additional plantings every couple of weeks during early spring.
  • If seeking a summer harvest, consider New Zealand or Malabar Spinach as common spinach can't grow in midsummer.
  • Plant in mid-August for a fall harvest, when soil temperatures are cooler.

Harvesting Guide

Here are tips for harvesting your New Zealand Spinach:

  • Observe your plants and harvest when leaves are at your preferred size.
  • Harvest promptly to avoid bitterness that can set in quickly after maturity.
  • Harvest the whole plant at once by cutting at the base, or pick leaves off the plants one layer at a time, giving inner layers more time to develop.

Seed Saving Guide

For wind-pollinated spinach varieties, ensure 1/4 mile isolation to prevent wind-driven cross-pollination. Physical barriers such as tree lines, buildings, or woods may allow for a shorter distance.

Let plants bolt and set seed. Stake if necessary as plants may reach 3 feet in height.

Harvest the entire plant when seeds are dry and thresh on a tarp. Using a 1/2-inch screen on top of a 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch is beneficial for cleaning. Under cool and dry storage conditions, spinach seeds remain viable for 3 to 5 years.