Patriot Seeds Heirloom Danvers 126 Carrot Seeds (1g)

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Heirloom Danvers 126 Carrot Seeds

Danvers 126 Carrots, an easy-to-grow variety, offers a rich, sweet taste, ideal for a variety of uses.

Our 100% heirloom, non-GMO seeds from Patriot Seeds are open-pollinated, perfect for ongoing cultivation.

Packaged in military-grade Mylar, these seeds offer a shelf life over 5 years.

Planting Guide

For a thriving Danvers 126 Carrots crop:

  • Plant the seeds in well-worked, light and loose soil, in full sun after the frost risk has passed.
  • Sow the seeds in rows 1' apart, covering with a 1/2 inch of soil.
  • Thin the seedlings to 1" apart when they grow to 3" tall.
  • Ensure consistent watering and weed removal, especially during dry seasons.

Harvesting Guide

  • Before harvesting, soak the bed for easier carrot extraction.
  • Harvest by twisting off the tops while pulling up the roots.
  • Trim the greens to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the carrot's shoulder.

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