Heirloom Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds (3g)

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Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds: Grow Indoors or Outdoors, Anytime

Enjoy Crimson Sweet Watermelon all year round, courtesy of our adaptable, robust seeds. Perfect for indoor or outdoor cultivation, these Crimson Sweet Watermelon seeds offer versatility and convenience - perfect for your emergency supply!

High Yield from Heirloom Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds

Our non-GMO, open-pollinated watermelon seeds are recognized for their abundant yield of large, sweet watermelons. Noted for their consistency and adaptability, these heirloom seeds can thrive in various settings.

Patriot Seeds: Quality and Longevity in Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds

Sourced from the US, our seeds are friendly to diverse growing regions. Packaged and preserved in resealable, military-grade Mylar packaging, these seeds promise a lasting shelf life of over five years. 

Grow Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds with Ease

Cultivate using our clear, step-by-step planting instructions:

  • Plant the seeds in fertile soil once frost risk has passed, or at any time indoors.
  • Space seeds 3 feet apart on raised mounds.
  • Water well and keep free of weeds.
  • After about 80 days, your watermelons should be ready for harvesting. Look for brown tendrils and a creamy yellow spot where the fruit rests on the ground as indicators of readiness.
  • Cut the watermelons off the vine carefully with sharp shears.
  • After harvesting, the Crimson Sweet Watermelons can be stored in a refrigerator for up to two weeks. If wrapped in plastic, cut watermelons can be kept for 3-4 days. 

Perfect Seeds for Future-Ready Planning

Whether you're planning for the next growing season or preparing for unexpected situations, Crimson Sweet Watermelon seeds are an excellent choice. With their substantial yield and resilience in various conditions, these seeds are a valuable addition to any seed bank.