Heirloom Champion Radish Seeds (4g)

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Emergency Food Plan: Home-Grown Champion Radish (4g)

Grow your own Champion Radishes for a resilient food supply. These fast-growing vegetables provide a boost to your emergency food plan. With their distinct flavor and crisp texture, radishes are a versatile ingredient for salads and a range of dishes.

Enjoy the benefits of home-grown goodness in times of need.

Ready for a Self-Sufficient Garden with Champion Radish

The 100% heirloom Champion Radish seeds from Patriot Seeds are resilient and well-suited to most gardening regions.

Champion Radish: Sowing Instructions

  • Planting Time and Spacing: Champion Radishes can be sowed during the cooler parts of the year, either in fall or early spring. Directly plant the seeds outdoors, 1" apart and 1/2 inch deep, with rows distanced 18" apart. Cool (50-65 F), moist conditions are ideal for radish growth.
  • Soil: To maintain optimal growth and quality, keep the soil consistently moist. Once the springtime sowing concludes, recommence planting in the fall as the temperatures drop.
  • Companion Crops: Champion Radishes mature quickly, making them excellent to pair with slower-growing crops, like tomatoes or members of the cabbage family. Alternatively, follow your radish harvest with summer crops, such as beans, or autumn-harvested produce.

Champion Radish: Harvesting Guide 

Champion Radishes, a variety of spring radish, take a swift 20-30 days to mature.

Harvest Method: To harvest, uproot the entire plant when radishes reach about an inch in diameter.

Important Fact about Champion Radishes

Did you know? Radishes are a fast-growing vegetable, ready for harvest in as little as three to four weeks. This makes them an ideal choice for emergency gardening, providing a quick and reliable source of fresh produce.