Heirloom California Wonder Sweet Pepper Seeds (.5g)

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California Wonder Bell Pepper Seeds: High-Yield, Reliable and Easy to Grow

Become more self-sufficient with the California Wonder Bell Pepper. These 100% heirloom, Non-GMO seeds offer a rich source of Vitamin C, add a splash of color to your meals, and are simple to cultivate in your own personal garden. 

Boost Your Food Security with California Wonder Bell Pepper Seeds

Our open-pollinated, Non-GMO seeds produce the esteemed California Wonder Bell Peppers, known for their sweet flavor and firm texture. These resilient seeds flourish in various conditions, delivering you a reliable and bountiful harvest. Originating from the US, Patriot Seeds guarantee superior quality and shelf-life, fostering your food autonomy.

Planting and Harvesting Instructions for California Wonder Bell Peppers

  • Start seeds indoors in a warm, sunny location, planting them in full sun, 1/4 inch deep and 12 to 24" apart.
  • To prepare them for outdoor planting, acclimatize them with a couple of days of temperatures between 60 and 65 F and reduced watering.
  • Relocate plants outdoors 2-3 weeks post the last frost, once the soil has warmed.
  • Harvest when the peppers are shiny, firm and offer a satisfying crunch. Continuous harvesting throughout the summer up to fall encourages near-continuous fruit production. 

California Wonder Bell Peppers: A Historic Variety for a Modern World 

California Wonder Bell Peppers were first documented by pirate Lionel Wafer in the late 17th century, and later by Thomas Jefferson, marking their historic reliability. These standard bell peppers have become a go-to choice due to their hardiness and bountiful production, making them an excellent addition to any sustainable garden.

Prepare for the Future with Long-Term Seed Storage

Our California Wonder Bell Pepper seeds are packaged in re-sealable, military-grade Mylar bags, designed to extend their shelf life to 5 years or more. This secure packaging ensures you have the ability to plant your garden when you're ready, and under the conditions you determine.

California Wonder Bell Peppers: A Versatile Crop for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens

Regardless of whether you have access to a sprawling outdoor garden or a compact indoor growing space, California Wonder Bell Pepper seeds are adaptable and resilient. This flexibility allows for the year-round cultivation of fresh and flavorful peppers.