Heirloom Black Turtle Bush Bean (10g)

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Black Turtle Bush Beans (10g)

Savor the impressive taste and robust yield of Black Turtle Bush Beans.

Your Garden's Power Player

These beans are a power player in your garden:

  • They make a delicious and nutritious ingredient for your meals.
  • Contain fiber, iron, and protein

Why Opt for Black Turtle Bush Beans?

Historic & Healthful

Originating from South America and later introduced to Asia and Africa by traders in the late 1700s, these beans have gained a new-found appreciation in America and the UK. Make them your garden's wholesome, healthful addition.

Heirloom Seed: Plant, Harvest, Repeat

For gardeners who enjoy the endless cycle of planting, reaping, and replanting, Black Turtle Bush Beans are an ideal choice.

Ready in Roughly 90 Days

From seed to harvest, expect these beans to mature and be ready for picking in approximately 90 days.

Guidelines for Planting Black Turtle Bush Beans Timing Matters

Beans prefer warmth, so avoid planting them too early as they may rot in damp, cool soil. Consider using black plastic to raise soil temperature for an earlier start. Plant seeds every two weeks for a continual harvest.

  • Soil Requirements: These beans thrive in slightly acidic soil with a pH between 6.0 and 6.2. Loose, moist soil is ideal after the last frost has passed.
  • Support Needed: If you opt for pole beans, ensure your support system, like a trellis, teepee, or fence, is ready before you plant.

Harvesting Guidelines for Black Turtle Bush Beans

Beans are usually ready when they're about as thick as a pencil and can be easily snapped. Avoid waiting too long, as they can quickly become overgrown and tough. Harvest gently, pulling each bean from the vine, or snap off the vine end if you plan to use the beans immediately.

Tips for Saving Seeds

Consider setting aside a few plants at the start of the season specifically for saving seeds. Refrain from picking any pods from these plants and only collect the crisp brown pods at season's end.

Minimize feeding or watering these plants, as it may promote more leaves rather than pod growth.

Fun Fact About Black Turtle Bush Beans

Did you know? After being brought from South America to Asia and Africa by Spanish and Portuguese traders in the late 1700s, Black Beans have only recently become a popular choice in America and the UK.