Kentucky Wonder Beans (15g)

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Kentucky Wonder Beans (15g) Description:

Patriot Seeds bean seeds are just what your emergency pantry needs. Our 100% heirloom bean seeds are dried and sealed airtight for long-term storage. Our seeds are Non-GMO and will provide a bountiful harvest in most growing regions. When you're ready to declare your food independence, buy Patriot Seeds!

Kentucky Wonder Beans Planting Instructions:
Plant in late spring and early summer, when all danger of frost has passed. Seeds may rot in overly cool, wet soil. Direct sow 2" deep, and 3" apart in rows 24" apart in full sun. Thin when seedlings are 1-2" tall to 12" apart. Be sure to provide supports for the bean vines, like stakes or trellis, as the Kentucky Wonder can grow to heights of 72-108" tall! Stagger sowing every 2 weeks to provide a longer harvest season.

Kentucky Wonder Beans Harvesting Instructions:
Harvest beans throughout the summer when beans are firm or around 65 days after sowing. Pods will snap when ready to harvest, or break in half cleanly. Pods will be 6-8" in length when fully matured. Snap gently off the vine by pulling them off at the base of the stem. Do not wait too long to harvest, as beans will become tough and chewy.

Did You Know This About Kentucky Wonder Beans?
These heirloom beans were first grown in the South under the name "Texas Pole Bean" in the 1850s. In 1877, they were reintroduced and sold commercially as Kentucky Wonder by James J.H. Gregory and Sons. Under this name, it has risen in fame as one of the most popular bean plants of all time.