Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault - 100% Heirloom (20 seed varieties)

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The original Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault®
with hundreds of thousands of unit sold!

20 Varieties -
Declare Your Food Independence!

It’s a unique "garden in a can!”

Get Ready to Take Control of Your Food Supply

  • Triple-sealed safeguard: keep seeds viable and secure against the elements
  • 100% heirloom seeds
  • Made in the USA
  • Stored in resealable, heavy-duty packaging— insulates, protects, and reflects light
  • Sealed in a can (the vault) for long-term storage
  • Plant today or store for up to five years or more*

A Never-Ending Source of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

They call these “heirloom” seeds for a reason—they can be harvested and replanted for generations! If you care about the future of your food supply, The Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault is a must-have item.

  • Open-pollinated: grow, harvest, and replant indefinitely
  • Jumbo-sized, resealable seed packs for storing away what you don’t plant
  • Zone-friendly variety—will grow in most parts of the US

See Why Preppers LOVE These

We know that growing your own food is more than just a hobby - it's a way of life. Everyday Money Saver – By taking control of your food supply, the Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault helps save you time and money on frequent trips to the store.

Insurance against the Inevitable – Stay prepared for emergencies and unexpected events that could disrupt the food supply chain.

With food independence comes true freedom, and that's something that everyone can appreciate. So why wait? Secure your food supply—get a Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault today!

100% of What You Want, None of What You Don’t

100% Heirloom Seeds
100% Non-Hybrid Seeds
100% Recently Harvested Seeds, No Overstock

Competitors sell similar survival seed vaults for over $100!

They claim to give you tens of thousands of seeds—but then you find out you have mostly junk seeds that were likely overstock from several years ago. The Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault is packaged for long term storage (5+ years) but priced for planting this year! Because of our affordable pricing, the majority of our customers buy several for both planting and storage!

Seed varieties in the the Survival Seed Vault:

Black Turtle Bush Bean
Detroit Dark Red Beet
Green Sprouting Calabrese Broccoli
Golden Acre Cabbage
Hales Best Cantaloupe
Scarlet Nantes Carrots
Snowball Cauliflower
Golden Bantam Yellow Sweet Corn
Marketmore 76 Cucumber
Blue Lake Bush Bean
Parris Island Cos Lettuce
Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion
Oregon Sugar Pod #2 Pea
Champion Radish
Bloomsdale Spinach
Crookneck Squash
Waltham Butternut Squash
California Wonder Bell Pepper
Marglobe Tomato
Crimson Sweet Watermelon

*Store in a dry, cool, and dark location between 55°F and 70°F. Do not freeze. 

**Individual seed varieties in the Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault may vary based on product inventory.