4-Part Salad Sprouting Seeds Mix (4 ounces)

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You get FOUR different greens in ONE Mix…

1. Alfalfa

2. Daikon Radish

3. Red Clover

4. Broccoli

All our sprouting seeds are grown in the USA.

This four-ounce mixture creates a dense, high-fiber salad loaded with phytonutrients. The radish adds a little spice, and the legumes add a nice nutty flavor.


FACTS about our 4-Part Salad Sprouting Seeds Mix:

  • 1 Cup yields approximately 5 Cups of sprouts
  • Prime quality
  • High germination
  • Specially selected
  • Certified UDAF
  • Non-GMO
  • Safety tested for microbes
  • Comes in a handy re-sealable pouch.


4-Part Salad Sprouting Seeds Germination Rate:

Most sprouting seeds will maintain a very high germination rate for several years, after which they will begin to decline a bit.

However, these sprouting seeds are designed by nature to keep for extraordinary lengths of time and still sprout. While each bag is marked with a "best germination rate if used by" date, the seeds do not really expire on that date and will sprout for many years, especially if stored properly in a cool place.